The Bloggic Body is free to use

Webblogs or blogs are a very interesting phenomenom to me. I bet they are here to stay for a while. Esspecially if you believe Robin Sloan’s EPIC.

I have just started with the tip of the iceberg, that is untill I read the story behind EPIC
Eversince I saw this flashy image of a possible future I changed from google to A9. Waiting for googlezon to happen.

But there is more to this sharing frenzy on the web. I’m not entirely a newby, but i see some great tools poppin’ up to acces the Deep web.
I still need to check out most, but here’s what a quickscan provided me with 2 nice places to store images.

Technorati is another great tool in the bloggic body.
Letting you track blogs that mention key-words.

Or how about When you installl this. you never have to wonder about the meanig of words. Just Alt click on them and will provide you with the answer.
All these tools are free to use. So why not exploit the oppurtnuities?

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