MJ 23 Hall of Fame

I spend so many nights watching the live feeds of NBA game. People thought I (and many of my cheesehead balling friends) were crazy, but the never experienced Michael Jordan performing at crunch time. I still think quit often at those moments and admire his competitivness, his zeal, his unique combination of physical and mental qualities at the highest level of the most beautifullest sport in the world.

I remember a sign by fan… Michael Jordan for president….how many people would have loved to see him do that.
Before Obama there was always number 23

Most people forget that MJ was lucky to excell in a competitive environment ….I see plenty people with talent who have not found the competitive environment to become creative at the highest level…(creative meaning having a good idea….)….I should say MJ was innovative..because he put those things into practise…

Respect was due …somehow gettng into the Hall of Fame just isn’t enough to describe the excellence of Michael jordan in the field of competitive sportsmanship.

A tribute..

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