My intrests….

I love life….I always try to experience it to the fullest….and i can hardly believe anything is not part of I try to experience it to the fullest.
I teach geography because it gives me the tools the experience the world around me…it helped me undestand the infinite dimensions of life all linked together.

People from all walks of life experience life from their perspective and somehow i find it easy to look at it from a different perspective…objective and rational …even empathic..

It’s like putting an object (like a glass vase)on a table and walking around it. The object is the same but light gradually reflects differently from other viewpoints….you ca take a closer look or walk’s still the same object. Bu the object can be viewed from so many dimensions….like in a historical context….or a relational context…even in a different spectrum like Infra Red it will look different…yet remain the same…

I believe all objects are infintlyinterrelated to eachother and the real crime is that we always seperate them from eachother to give meaning…
nah, I say…. you givin meaning by seeing all objects and their infinti interelated dimensions as One…EVERYTHING is EVERYTHING….and life or maybe even GOD is that.

We have a freedom to observe and interact.

Now creativity is nothing but observing something that has always been there and interacting by pointing this out to others in some way.
This is also life …to EXPRESS yourself….

reminds me of thet N.W.A. song…EXpress yourself
“I’m expressing with my full capability,
but now I’m living in a corectional fascility
‘Coz some don’t agree with ho I do this
I meditate and get it straight like a budist”

Which brings me back to the original topic…my intrests…

I ‘m wary of social institutions (like religion) that endorse dogma’s and actualy want people to stop thinking and be irrational.
They are actually saying you should experience life not like you want, but like they want you to do…


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