Writting a book

While reading Richard Florida’s great book ” The rise of the creative class” the idea struck me to write a practical book about my ideas on how to prepare our students for a succesfull membership of the Information society.

The title will be a tribute to his outstanding work:
” The rise of the creative classroom ”

In the book he write’s about 2 chroniclers Jane Jacobs and William H. Whyte.

The latter descibes in his book “The Organizational Man” how the corporate worker are affected in their individuality and creativity by the bureaucracy of these Big organisations. They select the type of person that goes along to get along and because of this they createda whole generation of bureaucrats.

Jane Jacobs writes about the contrary experience she had by growing up in Greenwich village. About how the bustling life of innercitties are rejuvinated by the interaction of persons from all walks of life. Her book ” The Death and Life of great American cities” is a novel that ranks high on my to read list.
While Whyte was essential in illustrating the problem of a bureaucratic generation and how it came to be, it is Jane Jacobs who is addressing the solution.

I’m looking for a similar approach and i allready have in mind an individual has been writting about the problems of the Dutch school system.
I on the other hand would like to offer some innovative new views on how to improve this system

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